Here is a list of all the commands MythBot can do. If you have any questions please join our discord and use our support channels

Helpful Commands:

[=Help]-(Lists available commands)
[=Randomcolor]-(Generates random HEX Colour)
[=Password]-(Generates random password)
[=Mod Request] [Message]-(PMs Discord Owner/Staff)
[=Roles]-(Gets list of server roles)
[=Links]-(Shows list of links)
[=BotStats]-(Gets bot info)
[=membercount]-(Shows real member count)
[=Botinv]-(Sends user Bot Invite link)
[=Ping ]-(Shows current bot ping)
[=Bugreport](Report’s bug to JoKeR#9067)
[=Ticket] [Message]-(Creats a support ticket)
[=BotUptime]-(Shows bots uptime)
[=Timestamp]-(Shows your current time)
[=Countdown]-(Gives you Date & Time)
[=Quote]-(Bot generates a random Quote)
[=Currency]-(Gets the exchange rates)
[=tc-del] [#Channel]-(Deletes tagged text channel)
[=Vote]-(Creates bots Vote link)
[=Create-Server]-(Create a discord server and add MythBot)
[=Avatar]-(Give users there Avatar & URL link)
[=Movie] [MovieTitle]-(infomation about a movie)
[=Donate-(Generate Bishopbot donation link)
[=Color] [ColorName]-(Give command user x Role)
[=Resetcolor]-(Takes all color roles away from command user)
[=YTSearch] [ChannelName]-(Searched a Youtube channel)
[=MCPE] [SeverIP]-(Get server stats (M Pocket Edition))
[=Bitcoin]-(Gets you the current bitrate exchange)
[=AddEmoji] [ImageURL]-(Adds Emoji to your server)
[=NA]-(Adds Command User To NA Role)
[=EU]-(Adds Command User To EU Role)
[=Ranks]-(Shows Opens Server Ranks
[=Emojis]-(Shows Servers Current Emoji’s)
[=Partner]-(Request partnership with MythBot)
[=Accpet](Accept server rules)
[=Weather] [Location]-(Shows current weather for location)
[=BanAppeal]-(Appeal if server is ban from using MythBot)
[=Profile] [@user]-(Get users profile)
[=Level](Show users current level)
[=BanAppeal](Appeal if server is ban from using MythBot)
[=Profile] [@user](Get users profile)
[=Level](Show users current level)
[=Support] [Reason](Request Support From MythBot Support Team)
[=App-Apply](Opens the Apply menu)
[=App-Position](Change/Set the Position)
[=App-Reply](Change/Set your Reply)
[=App-Send](Send your Application)
[=App-Cancel](Cancel your Application)
[=App-Help](Show all Application Commands)
[=Balance](Now We Have A New Way Of Getting Your Balance)
[=R6SCredits](Buy VERY cheap Rainbow Six Siege Credits.)
[=Notify](Subscribe’s you to the role @Notified)
[=Team](Now get info on who MythBot Staff are)
[=AFK] [Reason](Now you can set youself AFK)
[=Update.AFK] [NewReason](Update your current AFK Status)
[=Nukkit] (Get Information on Nukkit MC Plugins/Server)
[=dblinfo] [@MentionBot](Check current information on a bot)
[=Ticket-Help](Get help commands for Tickets)
[=Voted] [@User](Check if you have voted for MythBot)
[=ProfileDescription] [Message](Set a personal Description on =Profile @user)
[=Verify] [Code](Use your Verify code)
[=Me](Show your Rep Points, Warning Points & More)

Fun Commands:

[=8Ball](Ask it anything)
[=Bank-Heist] [@User](Rob a bank with a friend)
[=Slots](Have a full pulls on a slots machine)
[=Emolets] [Message](Type in emotes)
[=Fidget-spinner](Spin the fidget spinner)
[=Jail] [@user](Generate jail image of user)
[=Joke](Posts a random joke)
[=Hastebin] [Text](Generate link from hastebin)
[=Bank] [Help](Gets you started on you cash)
[=Meme](Generates random Meme)
[=Hug] [@user](Hugs User)
[=Brazzers] [@User](Put brazzers logo on User)
[=NSFW](Posts NSFW)
[=Wasted] [@User](GTAv Wasted User)
[=Hitman] [@User](Kill Someone you hate)
[=Daily](Recieve a Daily Reward, 24 Hour Cooldown)
[=GiveMoney] [Amount] [@user](Give some of your money to your friends)
[=FNRoulette] (This is a Generated Fortnite Roulette)
[=Why](Post a random Why question)
[=Fact](Posts a random fact)
[=Lizard](Posts random image of a Lizard)
[=Logo](Post a Cool Anime Logo)
[=Kiss] [@User](Kiss a User)
[=Slap] [@User](Slap a user)
[=Poke] [@User](Poke a user)
[=Forcefeed] [@User](Forcedeed a user)
[=Fox](Posts a cute photo of a Fox)
[=Inspire](Post’s an Inspiring Image)
[=Img](Get random Neko Wallpaper)
[=Emoji](Get Random Emoji)
[=Rep] [@User](Give Someone 1 Reputation Point)
[=Tiny] [Message](Make your text Tiny)
[=Pokedex] [Bulbasaur](Show Statics of any Pokemon)
[=Timeto] [Date](Show How many Days, Hours, Minutes, Second)

Stats Commands

[=CSGOstats] [SteamID-64]-(Shows users CSGO stats)
[=Fortnite] [Nickname] [Platform](Shows Fortnite Stats)
[=CSGOstats] [SteamID-64](Shows users CSGO stats)
[=Osu] [Username](Show users Osu game stats)
[=R6S] [uPlayname](Show Siege PC Stats)
[=McAccount] [McName](Get a users Minecraft account info)
[=PUBG] [Playername] [Platform] [Region](Now get Player Stats on PUBG)

Music Commands:

[=Play] [Message]-(Plays stated youtube URL)
[=Stop]-(Stops music playing)
[=Pause]-(Pauses current music)
[=Resume]-(Resumes current song)
[=ClearQueue]-(Clear’s current queue)
[=Volume] [0-100]-(Changes the volume of music)

Admin Commands:

[=Kick] [@user] [reason]-(Kicks the mentioned user)
[=Ban] [@user] [reason]-(Bans the mentioned user)
[=Mute] [@user]-(Mutes user for a set amount of time)
[=Unmute] [@user]-(Unmutes the mentioned user)
[=DelChannel] [#channel]-(Deletes the mentioned channel)
[=DelRole] [@RoleName]-(Deletes the mentioned role)
[=Serverinfo]-(Shows infomation of current server)
[=Warn] [@user] [Reason]-(Gives the tagged user a warning)
[=Warnings] [@user]-(Gets tagged user current warnings)
[=Clearwarning]- [@user](Clears tagged users warnings)
[=Prune] [1-100]-(Deleted X amount of messages)
[=Userinfo] [@user]-(Shows info of server members)
[=GetID] [@User]-(Gets metioned [@User] ID)
[=Poll] [Message]-(Allows user to start a poll)
[=Say] [Message]-(Sends message as BishopBot)
[=Welcomer] [#Channel]-(Enable or Disable the welcomer message)
[=Leaver] [#Channel]-(Enable or Disable the leaver message)
[=AutoRole] [@RoleName]-(Choose your Autorole)
[=BotNick] [Nickname]-(Change’s MythBot Nickname)
[=WelcomerImage] [#Channel]– (Enable/Disable Welcomer Image)
[=inviteblocker]-(Enable/Disable Discord Invite Blocker)
[=Serverlogs] [#Channel]-(Enable/Disable Sever Logs)
[=UserRoles] [@user]-(Shows current user roles)
[=Init-rules] [RulesMessage]-(Agree to your rules to open your channels)
[=Giveaway] [Setup]-(Giveaway command help)
[=Configs]-(Show current MythBot Config)
[=UserPerms] [@user](Shows Current User’s Major Perms)
[=LevelSys]– (Allows you to Enable/Disable Level System)
[=AntiLink]– (Deletes 99% of links sent in Your Guild)
[=Slowdown] [Time]– (Slow down a text channel in Minutes)
[=Server-Nuke](Deleted All Server Channels/Roles)
[=App-Help](Show all commands for MythBot Appliction System)
[=LeaverImage] [#Channel](Show Leaver Image In Mentioned Channel)
[=SetChannel] [#Channel] [NewName](Change the name of a text channel)
[=Announcer] [#Channel](Set channel for Announcements)
[=Duty] [Online/Offline/Mobile](Show your status via command)
[=Duty Vacation] [msg](Howlong/Reason/Where/etc)
[=Role-Users] [RoleName](Check what users are in current Role)
[=Bancheck] [UserID](Check if a User is Globally banned)
[=SysBackup](Get your server settings)
[=Private-Msg] [Message](Send a Private message to a user)
[=Clock] [On/Off](Clock In/Off as Staff)
[=ChatLogs] [#Channel](Log all messages sent in your server)
[=Verification] <setup>(Setup Verification System Or Deactivate/Activate)
[=Prefix] [NewPrefix] (Set a customized Prefix for MythBot)
[=MentionLogs] [#Channel](Log who mentions a user)
[=ServerStatics](Logs Server Statics Using Channels)


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