Friday 22nd June 2018 – 07:47:00 GMT+0

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is having a great start to there weekend. So we have been working hard to make as many commands as we can, This update has to be our Biggest yet, With many new commands & Loads of Command Bug Fixes. So here is the update most have been waiting for <3


[=Steam64] [CustomName](Get your SteamID 64)
[=Radar](Only For STATES)
[=CSS-Stats] [SteamID 64](Get your Counter Strike:Source Stats)
[=Runestats] [Name](Get your Runescape Level Stats)
[=Fact](Get Facts about Dogs, Cats & Birbs)
[=Hackban](Ban a user even if they are not in your server)
[=Permissions](Show MythBot Permission's)


[=Configs](Updates Enable/Disable Icons)
[=Poll](Fixed the Auto Emoji's)
[=Suggest](Fixed the Auto Emoji's)
[=Help](Added MythBot Banner)
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