Saturday 21st July – 06:12:00am

So here we are again, Another Update.

We have been working hard to Fix Known Bugs.
Report a bug using [=bugreport] [Title] [Description]

We have Fixed and added alot of commands this update, We are hoping you like this update.
This update includes a brand new Ticket System.


[=Emoji](Get Random Emoji)
[=Bot-Say] [Message](Speak as MythBot)
[=Clock] [In/Off](Clock In/Off as Staff)
[=Voted] [@User](Check if you have voted for MythBot)
[=SysBackup](Get your server settings)
[=Ticket-Help](Get help commands for Tickets)
[=Img](Get random Neko Wallpaper)
[=Private-Msg] [@User] [Message](Send a Private message to a user)


[=Ticket] [Message](Updated the Ticket System)

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